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Meet the Team: Donna Pinches

Meet the Team: Donna Pinches, Apprenticeship Programme Manager

What is your role at OAS?

I am the Apprenticeship Programme Manager here at OAS and my role ranges from looking after apprentice welfare to liaising with our employer partners on a regular basis. I look after the whole journey for each of our Apprentices, checking up on their progress and looking after the individuals.

Why is the new OAS Training Centre so important for the Oxfordshire area?

This new facility is all about training a new generation of apprentice to meet the needs of businesses in Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas. OAS provides hi-tech engineering apprenticeships for businesses in the area and with our industry experts, we’re working with these employers to meet their needs for now and the future.

What do you enjoy most about working at OAS?

Making a difference to the young people that come through our doors and watching them grow throughout the four-year programme. Many join as young, inexperienced individuals and go on to become leading engineers in their chosen fields.

What do you think of the new Training Centre?

It’s an excellent facility that is giving apprentices a strong foundation of practical skills via the training on the very latest equipment as well as the personal skills they will need in the workplace.

In your opinion, what are the benefits of choosing an apprenticeship?

Obviously, it’s great that individuals can earn while they learn, but for me it is the practical aspect that gives someone who has studied an apprenticeship a real edge for employers today. Through the support of apprenticeships, employers are investing in young people’s futures and this can lead to other degrees and courses. Alongside this, the lifelong networking skills that apprentices learn in an environment like OAS is invaluable.

Why should someone choose to study at OAS?

You should choose OAS because of our training and the opportunities with Employers that we offer and we’re constantly investing what’s needed for the sector and bridging the gap. We as an organisation invest in the young people that study with us and we want what is best for them as an individual.