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Meet the Employer: Reaction Engines

Founded in 1989, Reaction Engines is a British aerospace manufacturer based at UKAEA’s Culham Science Centre in Oxfordshire. The development of its SABRE engine is pushing the boundaries of flight within and outside the atmosphere, and it continues to create pioneering applied technologies that have the potential to change a wider range of commercial industries.

We spoke to Adam Bampton, Deputy Team Leader – Technician, about working with OAS and the experience so far…

What has the experience been like working with OAS?

We have been working with OAS for just over a year now and the experience has been great. Emily, in particular, is excellent at keeping us up to date with our apprentice’s progress on a weekly basis. As we are on the same campus as OAS, we have seen the journey of the new centre from start to finish, and it truly is an outstanding facility for our apprentice to be working and training out of.

How is your apprentice finding the programme?

We currently have three apprentices studying a Level 3 qualification within OAS. One being a first year, James, who has become more accustomed to the qualification and the advanced level. James is really starting to excel at the centre and was awarded Apprentice of the Month early this year. The team have really supported James and we are excited for what the future holds.

What will your apprentice add to your business when they start full time with you in September?

James will join our electronics team where there is currently high demand on the current project, and he will, therefore, become a valued asset for the team straight away. The department is advanced, and he will still need to learn a lot on the job, but because of the training he has received at OAS James will be prepared to make an impact from the outset.

What do you like most about the OAS Training programme?

The support provided by OAS is only getting better as our relationship grows. We are able to pick up the phone and speak to a member of the team when we need to or, as we are on the same site, the team will facilitate meetings with our apprentice in the centre or organise for James to pop in and visit the company whenever.

The apprenticeship itself is advanced and we only take on the highest calibre apprentices. For them to be able to be trained in such an elite environment is only a benefit to us and the longevity of our business.

To find out more about OAS or discuss how we can support you to recruit your next apprentice or upskill your current workforce, contact or call 02476 701557.