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Futureproof your workforce

Get ahead of the competition with an OAS advanced manufacturing apprentice.

The OAS Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship Programme provides the most advanced engineering apprentice training to support businesses based in and around Oxfordshire, the Thames Valley and the surrounding areas, all delivered at the OAS Training Centre at UKAEA Culham.

Our programme includes all the core requirements of an apprenticeship and exposure to disruptive technologies and new ways of working, empowering learners to help accelerate innovation when they return to their employers. An ambitious enrichment programme also supports development of the ‘soft skills’ they’ll need for professional and personal success.

For our employer partners, apprenticeships provide a cost-effective way to attract enthusiastic, motivated, young talent with the skills their business needs for the future, supporting internal progression and succession planning.

Through our partnership with MTC Apprenticeships and Lloyds Bank, we are also able to support local SMEs with additional guidance to access crucial financial and practical support that will enable you to find, recruit and upskill the best new talent for your business’s future.

To find out more about how your business can benefit from the value that we know OAS apprentices deliver to the business at which they are employed contact our team today!

About the programme

MTC’s Advanced Engineering apprenticeship helps learners develop the skills needed for delivering the technologies of the future in the high value manufacturing sector.

Learners complete the Level 3 Engineering Technician Apprenticeship Standard. The qualification has been designed by employers to give the technical and practical knowledge required to work in the engineering sector.

5 steps to recruit your next apprentice

  1. Confirm apprentice requirement
  2. Register vacancy with our recruitment team
  3. We will advertise your vacancy and identify the best candidates
  4. We will arrange for employer interviews to take place
  5. Employment and sign-up to apprenticeship programme

SME support service in partnership with Lloyds Bank

Apprenticeships provide a cost-effective way for businesses to attract enthusiastic, motivated, young talent, helping you to future proof your workforce and reinvigorate current staff. They also enable you to retain your business’s existing expertise by passing on knowledge and skills to the next generation.

As part of our partnership with MTC Apprenticeships and Lloyds Bank, we have launched the brand new MTC SME Support Service. We are working together to provide extra support to SMEs in the local area across five schemes specifically designed to overcome common SME challenges associated with apprenticeships, workforce upskilling, and productivity.

For more details, contact our Business Development Team by clicking on the button below!

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“Our requirements are very bespoke but the team have worked hard to accommodate those whilst always maintaining that they will not compromise on the quality of the training provided to the learner. It is exciting to work with a provider that is so committed to the individual and I am in no doubt that our apprentices will come out having been trained to the highest level.”

Marc Harrison

Director, Oxford Packaging Solutions